14 August 2005

My Face

Today was one of those wonderful days when I did absolutely nothing to work at all. I just played and relaxed. When waking up, I felt like I had really slept deep. I love it. This summer started with a sharp pain in my right lungue May 30th , which got me hospitalized for three days. It took me almost until today, more than two months later, to recover.

This week, I have to decide what my next paper will contain. It's based on a huge material, which is good enough for no less than 10 papers. I just have to decide which of these I want to write for my thesis. This was tougher than I thought.

It´s only when you do not have something that you can put a value on it. Like the summer house my family had until ten years ago. Then it was sold, and now I understand how valuable it is to recharge one's strenght with all that summer harmony. My next task is to get a new house like that by myself, that belongs only to me, where I can get the best possible summers. Here I come, summer house, don't wait for me too long. Please.

11 August 2005

First entry:

This fall is the the beginning of the end for my thesis. I eagerly await D-day.