20 September 2005

There is never such intensity in my research as there is when I prepare a paper for a seminar or conference. This gives some special effects, i.e. it's rough falling asleep (and of course getting up), due to my high thought activity. I welcome any good advice on how to cure this.

10 September 2005

Maybe, just maybe, you are goin throught the same kind of situation that I am going through. Do not be sad, you are not alone. For reassurance please check out the site Dissertation Hell, www.disshell.blogspot.com.
This woman has made it, she will defend really soon. Be a friend, send her a cheer!

06 September 2005

Hey ya all out there. I know you like movies. I know you are busy. So, read the movie in one sentence, it's very practical, go check it out at Movie a Minute http://www.rinkworks.com/movieaminute/.
It made me laugh ;-)

02 September 2005

Inspiration, they say, you shall not wait for. But create a routine, in which you everyday type away, inking your thoughts down. Well,now I have collected my thoughts. It seems that the summer has given me the strength now to finally push on through.
I spent the last week waving goodbye to my girlfriend, now she won't be back until x-mas. What a shame. Well, it gives ample time for inking down my thoughts in my thesis...