22 July 2006

The desire to write and research follows a nice solid sine curve. And now in the midst of this30+ C. heatwave I am at the very low of this sinecurve. Luckily, or in the case of Stockholm, Sweden, we will hit another sorry dark period in december- february. The weather alone would make one emigrate to ... let's see San Diego, or Florida maybe. That would be fun.
Any one over there needs a person who is into legal sociology and law and economics? No? You need a lawyer? Ok, I'll seee what I can do.

14 July 2006

No, I am not dead. I have just not posted on this blog for a long time. This summer I babysit 40 goldfish of my friend and colleague while he is at home visiting his parents in July. These fish are nice, I like goldfish. They do not eat each other or other fish. However, I have come to doubt their intelligence. Not too much though, they have the basic Pavlov dog instinct, and have learned that whenever I approach the aquarium they will get food. I wonder what they dream about. They probably don't dream at all. Who knows?
I decided that I want my own aquarium. Which fish is the nicest? What is the best fish to have in one´s aquarium?

this year is election year in Sweden. Did you know that the ruling party, the Social Democrats have ruled for longer and uninterrupted periods than any other party in Europe (with some competition from the Italian Christian Democrats). This is the closest you can get to a one party state. Did you know that neighbouring Norway and Denmark change from left to right wing governments almost every election? Did you know that our prime minister can asssign anybody the head of more than 500 govermental agencies without a single motivation. or job offer. He just appointed his best friend to a top position in a governmental agency. He has absolutely no merits. Did you know that Sweden is a corporativist society of sorts with labour union backing up the left wing parties? Did you know that Sweden is the most heavily taxed country in the world, and yet the people love the government and the left coalition voters want to pay MORE taxes to steal from the rich and get nicer benefits? You dd not know? Well now you do. Cheers to the abolition of the fake welfare state.