06 November 2005


my region of research, Eastern Europe is pulling itself out of poverty. I quote from the World Bank home page.

"Eastern Europe and the Former Soviet Union have witnessed a significant decrease in poverty since the Russian financial crisis of 1998-99. Almost 40 million people moved out of poverty from 1998-2003. Three key factors contributed to poverty reduction: growth in wages, growth in employment, and more adequate social transfers. But poverty and vulnerability persist: more than 60 million people live on less than $2 a day."

This is what my research is more or less all about, that these poor countries get a fair chance at a decent living. I am happy. Cheers everybody. Let´s continue working in this same direction.

My dissertatino is about legal conditions for growth. It deepens the understanding of this subject. Law, and legal system development has been very much in focus by major organisations, such as the World Bank, WHO, WTO, UN, EBRD etc etc. That's becuse they are so very fundamental, and difficult to get right in a short time span. However, the World Bank report does not focus at all on legal matters, which is not correct. Law matter for growth, a whole lot. The report was more focused on social matters. The shock therapy that Russia went through, was, detrimental, to say the least. And we need to correct those sad mistakes that have led Russians to distrust their government so much. My poor, sad, and loved Russia.

05 November 2005

This blue sucker here can mean doom for millions of people. Let's hope that it won't seek refuge under your skin the following week. It's been captured on photo by one of the world's most renowned medical photographers Lennart Nilsson. Yes, the picture is totally new, and is the result of 6 months of hard work trying to get the virs from a US Defense laboratory, finally the WHO gave it away. And now it's on your screen, in your face.

02 November 2005

The T word is here. Tamiflu - the antidote against the bird flu. My dad gave me two packs today. Enough for ten days. Get ready for the big pandemic. I will live ten days. How many will you live? It's really frightening. 50 percent of all afflicted die. I dont mean to start a scare or anything...

Gotta go write my thesis now. Waiting for which comes first, defense, or flu. Let's find a dice, and see how we will do...