27 January 2009

The simple logic of legal self-efficacy explained in brief

Here's the argument of my seventh paper.  I have written three papers on legal self-efficacy - and in this fourth one I have decided that I need to connect this concept with a discussion of risk. So now I read like ten papers and books on the subject - here are my tentative findings:

1. Risk is the product of likelihood of an event + consequences of that event. 

2. Subjective risk is the individual's perception of  risk and depends on the subjective probability of a particular event or performance of a task and the subjective dealing with the consequences of that event. Objective risk is the risk as measured by independent and recurrent calculations of a similar event. 

3. Self-efficacy is the belief of an individual in his/her own ability to performa  certain task.  This belief has an effect on the risk perception on that particular task. Therfore the person has a lower subjective risk of the task. In turn, the person is more likely not to shy away from carrying out that task. 


4. Legal self-efficacy lowers the subjective risk of an individual when making decisions about legal and financial transactions which themselves are a  risk.

Simple enough?  I think so. Simple is good. 


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