09 February 2009

My tedious research process: here it is, I might need help to improve it.  I am now writing my seventh paper for the dissertation and I am going through this procedure right now.

1. Find an interesting topic.

2. Find a theory you like to support

3. Find empirical support of the theory.

4. Read all there is to read about the topics involved in the paper.  For this paper this step has rendered me reading two strands of literature on Behavioural Law and Economics which I read in October, and the second strand is risk literature. I decided that I should include it since my paper is:

Legal Self-efficacy and the Protection of Property Rights

Eastern Europe is plagued by dysfunctional legal systems which don’t seem to provide reliable protection of property rights. Previous research has focused on the improvement of legal institutions such as courts and legal texts to adress this problem. This paper takes another approach to providing reliable protection of property rights in countries with dysfunctional legal systems by devising a new theory of the legal consciousness that applies to managers as the end users of law. The concept is called Legal self-efficacy (LSE). It is a measure of managers’ belief in their ability to use law as a tool for communication when doing business. In this paper I demonstrate that that LSE has a significant and positive impact on managers’ protection of property rights in terms of customer risk and managers’ protection against government nationalisation. The paper devises a new model that shows how LSE is related to a reduction of risk perception in the protection of property rights. The policy implications is that managers can be taught to improve their legal self-efficacy. Reliable protection of property rights in Eastern Europe can be improved by boosting the legal consciousness of managers. LSE is a legal effectiveness in a distributed sense, proving that law is effective only if it is in contact with society.

and the paper needs to incorporate a model. I have not done this previously, but I thougth it would be nice to bring something novel to the literature of behavioral law and economics. The paper connects risk literature to my concept LSE (see above).

5. Make the model look nice and beleivable.

6. Write the preconditions of the model and all previous research. 

7. Fill in the remainder of the paper including: introduction, presentation of problem, previous research, methodology, hypotheses including tests,  results,  summary and discussion, possibly even theoretical implications.

8. Read the paper

9. Reread the paper

10. Let someone else read the paper, and at least two more. 

11. Make changes. 

12. Read the paper again. 

13. Make changes. 

14. Read the paper. 

15. Submit to a journal in the proper format.

Cumbersome? Yes. Any tips?


char said...

keep your plan flexible; write to the researchers directly (their emails are often included in a journal article or at least their university etc affiliation); share your work with other writers to read and give and receive feedback

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Shelly said...

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